Audials Radio is a feature-rich software that revolutionises your audio streaming experience. With Audials Radio, you can access and stream over 100,000 radio stations from around the globe, covering various genres, languages, and regions. In addition, the software offers a comprehensive range of features, including the ability to record and download music, podcasts, and even specific songs, allowing you to enjoy them offline whenever you please. So, get ready to tune in on a world of endless music and podcast-listening!

What You Get with Audials Radio

Audials Radio provides several benefits that enhance your audio streaming journey. Here are some advantages of using Audials Radio:

  • Extensive variety: Access a vast collection of radio stations spanning different genres and languages, catering to diverse musical and podcast preferences.
  • Offline listening: Record and download your favourite music and podcast episodes, allowing you to enjoy them on the go, even without an internet connection.
  • Song recognition convenience: Never miss out on a song you love with the built-in song recognition feature, enabling you to record and add it to your personal library.
  • Customisation options: Tailor your radio experience by creating personalised stations based on your favourite genres, artists, or moods, ensuring a curated audio journey.
  • Automatic tagging and organisation: If you need help organising your library, Audials Radio will help you categorise your content and add tags so you can easily find everything.

Who’s Audials Radio For?

Audials Radio is designed for music and audio enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you’re a music lover seeking to explore diverse radio stations worldwide, a podcast enthusiast wanting to stay up to date with the latest episodes, or someone who enjoys discovering new songs through song recognition, Audials Radio caters to your needs. With its personalised radio experience and the ability to record and download music and podcasts, Audials Radio offers a versatile platform for anyone who enjoys the world of audio entertainment.

The Best Audials Radio Features

Audials Radio boasts an array of features that enhance your audio streaming experience. Here are some key features of Audials Radio.

Access to thousands of radio stations worldwide

With Audials Radio, you have access to a vast selection of more than 100,000 radio stations from around the world. Tune in to various genres, languages, and regions, and explore a diverse range of content to make every listening session an exciting global experience. In addition, you can use their “My Radio” function to tailor your own radio station, and then Audials will make suggestions of songs that you might want to add.

Record and download music and podcasts

Audials Radio lets you record and download your favourite music tracks and podcast episodes. Capture the audio content you love and enjoy it offline at your convenience. Expand your music library and easily stay up to date with the latest podcast episodes. Their recorder allows you to use big-scale recording, where you can record up to 100 stations simultaneously! This way, you can create a massive collection of music in no time. In addition, Audials will also keep track of any duplicates that you might have your library.

Song recognition and recording

Never miss a song you love with Audials Radio’s built-in song recognition and recording feature. Instantly identify and capture the songs playing on the radio, ensuring that you can add them to your personal collection and enjoy them whenever you want.

Edit your downloaded content

Wanting to add some fade-in or fade-out? Look no further. Audials Radio allows you to edit your content easily, down to the millisecond, and you can also normalise the volume or even export sections of a song.

Personalised radio experience

Audials Radio offers a personalised radio experience tailored to your preferences. Create custom radio stations based on your favourite genres, artists, or moods. Enjoy a curated stream of music that matches your taste and discover new tracks that resonate with you. Audials Radio puts you in control of your radio listening journey.

Lyrics and covers are added automatically to your content by Audials Radio.

Audials Radio offers a convenient feature of automatically adding titles, album covers, and lyrics to each of your recordings. This smart technology ensures that your music library is always up-to-date and organised. If you’d prefer to customise these tags according to your preferences, Audials Radio 2023 also allows you to manually edit them whenever you need to.

Pricing and Availability

Audials Radio is available for purchase on the Audials website for a one-time fee of $29.90 (75.75 NZD). This includes free updates, ensuring you have access to the latest features and improvements.


Audials Radio is the ultimate radio streaming and recording software that opens the doors to a world of endless music and podcasts. With its vast collection of radio stations, the ability to record and download your favourite content, and features such as song recognition and personalised playlists, Audials Radio offers a comprehensive and tailored audio streaming experience. Say goodbye to limited radio options and hello to a world of diverse audio content at your fingertips. Download Audials Radio today and embark on an audio journey like never before.

Audials Radio
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