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With Audials One, you have a powerful screen recorder at your disposal, allowing you to effortlessly capture any video playing on your PC. Whether you’re watching your favourite series and films on popular streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu, or enjoying live streams on platforms like Twitch, Audials One enables you to record them all. It gives you the flexibility to save these videos for offline viewing, allowing you to enjoy your favourite content whenever and wherever you want, even without an internet connection.

Important: DMCA 1201

The US Copyright Act (DMCA) stipulates in Article 1201 that no “effective protection” of copyright-protected content may be circumvented. The tools “Audials Movie” and “Audials One” presented here fully meet these requirements. 

Audials One Top Features

  • Record videos in amazing Full-HD quality from various streaming providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, Paramount+
  • Screen record video content on your Windows PC
  • Record radio shows and podcasts
  • Record music from streaming services like Spotify or Amazon Music
  • Remove annoying ads, recaps, or trailers with the video editor
  • Easily add subtitles in any language for any video

How to Use the Audials Screen Recorder:

  1. Install the Audials software and launch the application. Open the “Video Streaming” section from the main interface.
  2. Within the “Video Streaming” section, you’ll find a list of supported streaming services. Click on the desired service you want to record, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video.
  3. Once you’ve selected the streaming service, the Audials screen recorder interface will provide you with various options and settings specific to that service. For example, you may have the ability to choose the playback speed, enable subtitles, or select the video quality (including Full HD). Customise these settings according to your preferences.
  4. Start playing the video you want to record within the selected streaming service. The Audials screen recorder will automatically detect the video playback and initiate the recording process. It will capture the video in real time as it plays on your screen.
  5. After you finish playing the video, the screen recorder will stop automatically, and you’ll have a recorded video file in the format you specified during setup (MP4, AVI, WMV, or 3GP).

Note: In case you don’t see the name of your streaming service listed in the screen recorder section, you can still record from your screen by selecting the “Screen Recording” option. This will allow you to adjust the desired settings and capture any video playing on your screen, regardless of the specific streaming service.

By following these simple steps, you can easily utilise the Audials Screen Recorder to capture and save your favourite videos from popular streaming services, ensuring that you have a personal library of recorded content available for offline viewing at your convenience.

Effortlessly Capture videos from various streaming services

Audials One’s screen recorder can record any streaming source, including high-definition movies. Once recorded, the media is automatically converted and saved in optimal quality, compatible with PCs, smartphones, Apple iPhone & iPad, Android tablets, and gaming consoles. Experience Audials’ exceptional performance by trying the demo and enjoying the best screen recording software without the hassle of registration. Download Audials One now and unlock a world of recording possibilities.

Comparison of Features

FeaturesAudials OneAudials MovieScreen CaptureMovavi Screen RecorderVEED.IO
Screen record any video streaming service
Use GPU for High-quality direct recording
Record Netflix in Full HD
Record Netflix at 4x high speed
Record Disney Plus and Amazon Video at 2x speed
Max. recording speedup to 4xup to 4x1x1x1x
Separate Episodes
Add subtitlesonly rendered into videoonly rendered into videoonly rendered into video
Detect and remove ads in videos
Edit videos
Smartphone- & cloud- media manager
Record music from Spotify and Amazon Music
Finding music using the music bot
Access to 100,000+ radio stations
Listen to and save millions of podcasts
Price Point$59.90$39.90Free$42.95Free

Try out Audials’ Software for Free

Audials provides a free software demo that can be downloaded for free without the need to register. This allows you to test out numerous features of Audials One without any commitment, and if you are not satisfied with it, you can easily uninstall it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Audials One’s video recording feature work?

Audials One’s video recording feature allows you to capture video streaming from your screen. Simply select the desired streaming service, start playing the video, and Audials One will automatically detect and record it.

Can I record videos from any streaming service?

Audials One supports recording from a wide range of popular streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more. However, please note that the availability may vary depending on your region and the service’s terms of use.

Can I customise the recording settings?

Yes, Audials One provides various customisable settings for your recordings. For example, you can choose the desired video format (e.g., MP4, AVI, WMV) and adjust the video quality according to your preferences.

Does Audials One capture the video in high quality?

Yes, Audials One ensures high-quality video recording by preserving the original resolution and playback smoothness. You can enjoy your recorded videos with excellent visual fidelity.

Will ads be recorded during video streaming?

Audials One offers a smart ad-handling feature. Depending on the streaming service, the software can automatically mark or remove ads during the recording process, ensuring a seamless playback experience.

Can I record videos at a faster speed?

Yes, Audials One allows you to record videos at accelerated speeds. Depending on the streaming service, you can achieve recording speeds up to four times faster than normal, significantly reducing the recording time.

Can I record series or TV show episodes separately?

Yes, Audials One offers the option to automatically separate TV show episodes during the recording process. This makes it easier to organise and manage your recorded content.

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