How to Record PBS

If you’re a fan of PBS and want to capture and save its captivating video streaming content, look no further than Audials Movie. With this powerful software, you can easily record and enjoy high-definition PBS videos on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Let’s dive into the simple steps of capturing PBS video streams with Audials Movie.

Important: DMCA 1201

The US Copyright Act (DMCA) ensures the protection of copyright-protected content. Rest assured, Audials Movie fully complies with these requirements, providing you with a legal and effective solution.

Get Started With Just 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Install and Launch Audials Movie

Begin by downloading the free Audials Movie software for Windows. The installation process is quick and straightforward, requiring no registration. If you ever decide to remove it, uninstalling is just as easy. Once installed, open Audials Movie and switch to the “Video Streaming” view. From the “Format” section at the bottom of the screen, select the desired video file format, such as MPEG4.

Step 2: Start Recording the PBS Video

Click on the “Other source / Screen recording” button, followed by “Screen recording.” Here, you can choose whether to record the entire screen or let Audials Movie automatically detect the area where the video is playing. Launch your preferred browser—Chrome, Firefox, or Edge—and navigate to Select the video you wish to record, and the recording will start immediately as the video plays. To ensure the best possible quality, make sure the video is played in its original size. The progress of the recording will be displayed in the control window.

Step 3: Save and Enjoy the Recorded Video

Once the video stream recording is complete, the video will be automatically saved to the Audials playlist on the right side of your screen. Audials Movie offers various video file formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, and 3GP, giving you flexibility in choosing the format that suits your needs. The software will also tag the file for easy organisation. You can play the recorded video directly with Audials Movie or export it to other applications or your Windows Explorer by simply dragging and dropping the file.

Audials Movie: Your Ultimate Video Streaming Recorder

If you’re looking for a reliable tool to record videos from various websites, Audials Movie is a great choice. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, you can easily capture your favourite content from PBS and enjoy it on your computer or portable devices. Whether you’re interested in documentaries, educational programming, or other types of content, Audials Movie makes it easy to record and view your videos at your convenience. So why wait? Start recording your favourite PBS videos today and enjoy them anytime, anywhere!

Please note: Audials AG is not affiliated with PBS™, nor is the company that owns the trademark rights to PBS™. The information provided here is for compatibility purposes only, and it should not be considered an endorsement of Audials Software products by any associated third party.

Remember, always respect copyright laws and ensure you have the necessary rights or permissions before recording and sharing any copyrighted content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record PBS videos without using the software?

While there may be online tools claiming to record PBS videos without software installation, it’s important to exercise caution. These tools may not provide reliable results or offer the same level of quality and control as dedicated software like Audials Movie. To ensure a stable and high-quality recording experience, it is recommended to use reputable screen recording software.

Are there any legal considerations when recording PBS videos?

Yes, it’s important to respect copyright laws when recording and sharing PBS videos. Redistribution of copyrighted content without proper consent may be a violation of the law in most countries, including the USA. Always ensure you have the necessary rights or permissions to record and use copyrighted material responsibly.

Can I convert the recorded PBS videos to other formats?

Yes, Audials Movie allows you to convert recorded videos to various formats, providing you with flexibility in playing and sharing your captured content. You can choose from formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, and 3GP, depending on your preferences and device compatibility.

Can I record PBS videos on a Mac using Audials Movie?

Unfortunately, Audials Movie is currently only available for Windows. However, there are alternative screen recording software options specifically designed for Mac that you can explore to record PBS videos on your Mac computer.

Is it possible to schedule recordings for PBS programs using Audials Movie?

Yes, Audials Movie offers a recording scheduler feature that allows you to set specific times and dates for recording PBS programs. You can easily schedule recordings in advance, ensuring you never miss your favourite PBS shows.

Remember to always check the terms of service and licensing agreements of the content you are recording to ensure compliance with copyright and usage restrictions. Enjoy recording and watching your favourite PBS videos with Audials Movie!

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