How to Record Dailymotion

Are you a fan of Dailymotion and want to capture and save your favourite videos and series for offline viewing? Look no further, as we present the ultimate solution: Audials Movie. With Audials Movie, you can effortlessly screen capture and save HD video streams from Dailymotion to your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Let’s dive into the simple steps to record Dailymotion content with Audials Movie.

Important: DMCA 1201 Compliance

It’s essential to respect copyright laws, and the tools we present here, Audials Movie and Audials One, fully comply with the requirements stated in the US Copyright Act (DMCA) Article 1201.

Follow this Guide to Record Dailymotion Streaming Videos

If you’re eager to save your favourite Dailymotion videos for offline enjoyment, Audials Movie is here to make it happen. With this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the exact steps to capture and store Dailymotion’s captivating streaming content effortlessly. So get ready to unlock a world of entertainment at your convenience. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Install and Launch the Dailymotion Recorder

Download the free Audials Movie software for Windows without any registration requirements. The installation process is quick and easy, and if you decide to uninstall it, it’s hassle-free. Once installed, open Audials Movie and navigate to the “Video Streaming” section. Select the desired video file format from the “Format” options, such as MP4, to save your recordings.

Step 2: Start Playing the Dailymotion Video or Episode

Click on the “Dailymotion” tile within Audials Movie. Open your preferred web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and visit Next, select the video or episode that you want to record. As you start playing the video, Audials Movie will automatically begin capturing the video stream.

For the best possible quality, ensure that the video is played in its original size. In addition, the progress of your Dailymotion recording will be displayed in the control window, allowing you to monitor the process.

Step 3: Save the Recorded Dailymotion Content to Your PC

Once the recording of the video stream is complete, the movie or episode will be transferred to the Audials playlist on the right side of your screen. Audials Movie provides various video file formats, including MP4, WMV, AVI, and 3GP, among others, for you to choose from. The software will also tag the file, making it easy to organise your recorded content.

You can play the recorded video directly within Audials Movie or export it to other applications or your Windows Explorer by simply dragging and dropping the file. So, enjoy your captured Dailymotion videos anytime, anywhere!

Record High-Quality Videos with Audials Movie

Audials Movie is not just limited to Dailymotion. It allows you to record and save videos from various sources on the internet. Whether it’s movies, series, or other video entertainment, Audials Movie empowers you to capture and enjoy your favourite content on your computer. Moreover, you can convert the recorded files into any desired format and transfer them to your portable devices, such as Android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, PSPs, and PDAs, for on-the-go entertainment.

About Dailymotion™

Dailymotion™ is a major platform for sharing videos featuring content from users, independent creators, and premium partners. It offers a wide range of videos catering to diverse interests and hobbies, including news, travel, and much more. Dailymotion™ allows you to explore, share, and engage with online video content, providing a unique viewing experience.

Please Note:

Videos from are copyrighted and redistributing them without the consent of the copyright owners may violate the law in many countries, including the USA. Audials AG is not affiliated with Dailymotion™ or the company that holds the trademark rights to Dailymotion™. The information provided here is solely for compatibility purposes, and it should not be considered an endorsement of Audials Software products by any associated third party.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Audials Movie free to use?

Audials Movie offers a free version that you can download and use without any registration. However, a premium version is also available with additional features and functionalities.

Can I convert the recorded Dailymotion videos into other formats?

Yes, Audials Movie allows you to convert recorded videos into various formats. You can choose from a wide range of supported formats to ensure compatibility with different devices and playback preferences.

Can I record Dailymotion live streams with Audials Movie?

Yes, you can use Audials Movie to record Dailymotion live streams. Simply follow the same steps outlined in the guide but choose the live stream you want to record instead of selecting a specific video.

Capture and Enjoy Dailymotion Videos with Ease

With Audials Movie as your Dailymotion recorder, you can easily capture and save your favourite videos and series from the platform. Whether you want to watch them offline or transfer them to your portable devices, Audials Movie provides a seamless and efficient solution. Download Audials Movie today and unlock the world of Dailymotion entertainment at your fingertips.

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